REIGN Lacrosse.

Although we may sound “NEW” rest assured, we’ve been around for quite some time.  We’re here to bring you a premier lacrosse training program serving Philadelphia, Montgomery and Bucks County, PA.

Our combined knowledge, experience, and passion allow us to offer positive experiences and professional guidance necessary to properly educate and develop players dedicated to excelling in the fastest game on two feet.

We are stoked about, and 100% committed to supporting the progression and innovation that our sport has seen over the years, however we are not here to invent a new way to teach it.  We are here because we feel that with the rate at which lacrosse is growing, the teaching of fundamentals and the essence of grit has become an overshadowed lost art.

DEVELOPING a fundamentally sound, passionately relentless, and selfless player is our goal.

SHARING the game we love is our mission.

Lacrosse is etched on our souls and we are excited to share our passion for Lacrosse with you!

Are you ready to REIGN!?

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