Parents/Guardians must allow the REIGN LC coaches to instruct the players during practices, games etc. We provide our players with elite coaches who are teaching according to preset plans for consistency purposes. Parents are not to “coach” from the sidelines, nor interfere, but rather enjoy watching your daughter play lacrosse and support her along with all her teammates.

Parents/Guardians must never maliciously criticize, badger, harass or threaten ANY official, coach, player from Reign or any opposing program. To do so, is in strict violation of REIGN LC policy as well as the rules of the game and will not be tolerated.

Parents/Guardians must recognize that REIGN LC Coaches are willing to discuss players and/or coaching philosophies but agree that these discussions will only take place at the appropriate time and never during a practice, game or in the presence of another player or parent. While we encourage these interactions to come from the players first we very much value the input from parents/guardians.

In addition, Parents/Guardians must never confront any REIGN LC staff member or coach over playing time. This includes all methods of communication including phone, email, social media or face-to-face. Parents/Guardians must further understand that equal playing time is not guaranteed on any REIGN LC team but is earned through attendance, hard work and commitment to the overall success of the team. Our coaching staff continually evaluates the progress of each player and will offer constructive feedback to the player on how they can improve their skills and become better lacrosse players.

“24 Hour Rule”:

Parents agree to a “24 Hour Rule” which simply means if you have a SIGNIFICANT complaint as it pertains to a practice, game etc. then contact the coach the next day preferably by email to arrange a mutually convenient time to discuss your concern in a respectful manner. Please respect that our coaches are working with many players and many may have college coaching jobs and families of their own so please respect their time. Once again, REIGN LC will always prefer the middle school/high school player to initiate the meeting wherever possible as it shows maturity and helps build relationships.


Abusive, confrontational and/or anonymous contacts with our coaches will not be tolerated under any circumstances.  If such an incident should occur, it may subject the individual involved, their daughter and their family to disciplinary action, including suspension from or expulsion from REIGN LC.


  • If you have chosen your daughter to become a Sky Walker, then trust the Program for her development.
  • Let the journey be your daughter’s.
  • Do not overprotect your daughter. She will never experience life in a cocoon nor will she succeed.
  • Accept that your daughter needs to understand that she has more ability than she recognizes in herself. Your daughter needs to sense and develop her full capability as a player and a person, in order to experience success.  This may well be quite difficult and commence with failure.
  • Show your daughters only unconditional love.
  • Parents are expected to set an example for good sportsmanship at all practices, games, tournaments etc. You are role models and will be held to the same high standards and conduct that we require of our players.
  • Be respectful, supportive, positive, and enthusiastic on the sidelines of all athletes and coaches.
  • Practice common lacrosse courtesy, and sit on the sideline opposite of the players’ bench
  • Let the players play, coaches coach, and officials officiate
  • Focus on long-term development and encourage hard work and having fun!
  • Deliver my player(s) to the field on time, and with all necessary equipment and apparel
  • Communicate absences, injuries and concerns with coaching staff &/or administrators in a timely fashion
  • Not address game or tournament officials, at any time.
  • Allow players a safe and encouraging place to unwind and relax – especially between tournament games.
  • All Players and parents must make sure they are receiving email from their coach, and check their email and the website frequently.



Parent/Guardian Pledge: I have read and fully understand the expectations and roles of parents/guardians within the REIGN LC community. My daughter’s participation in REIGN LC is designed to be a fun and educational experience. The focus of this program is to enhance skills of lacrosse, encourage personal growth, female empowerment and to get involved in a rapidly growing and exciting sport.  The focus of this program is not on winning – winning is a result of my daughters commitment to her team and her craft. I understand that the players, coaches, and officials are trying their best to create a safe, fun, and positive environment and I will do my best to help maintain this environment. Any individual who is acting in an unsportsmanlike fashion may be asked to leave the REIGN LC event and may not be allowed to attend future events. It is important that parents remember that an athletic contest is only a game, not a matter of life and death.