Policies / FAQs.

Club Policies


Attendance is a crucial part of your individual growth and development – and it has a tremendous impact on your teams development.  We understand that you are consistently prioritizing and that your schedules are crazy – but if you are consistently prioritizing all other activities above REIGN LC you are demonstrating a lack of commitment that will incur consequences preempted by 1 warning.  It is extremely important that all players demonstrate commitment not only to REIGN LACROSSE CLUB, but also to their teammates, as well as their own individual development and growth by attending all training and tournaments sessions in season.

  • REIGN LACROSSE CLUB is fully committed to supporting multi-sport/multi-activity athletes.  This means that it is the player’s responsibility to proactively communicate as soon as scheduling conflicts occur.  All players (youth, middle school, high school) are expected to attend all mandatory practices. 
  • ANY players expecting to miss a mandatory event should notify their coach and club director via email as soon as possible.  Consistent absence at High School and Middle School levels will result in significantly decreased playing time, ineligibility to compete in high level events such as Nationals and potentially removal from the team.
    • An excused absence might include: attending a religious event, wedding, funeral or high school/college graduation ceremony of a close family member;  attending a mandatory high school activity, provided there is no alternative option available; taking the SAT/ACT; participating as a player in one’s high school athletic events; attending critical college recruiting activities (camp, clinic, visit).
    • Examples of unexcused absences include: going on vacation; going to a concert; hanging by the pool …you get our drift
    • Illness/Injury: If a player is physically unable to participate in practice to due to injury or illness, she will be excused. However, it is the expectation that the player attend practice while unable to play due to injury, provided that attendance does not risk further injury to the player, or adversely affect recovery from the injury. A player should notify Noelle & their team coaches about her injury or illness as soon as possible.


  • Each Late July/Early August REIGN LC will host formal tryouts for the following year.  Each year runs from September – August 1.
  • REIGN LC is committed to all of our current athletes and families who are in good standing and have shown commitment to REIGN LC through positive leadership & engagement; attendance; coachability; work-ethic & consistency; athleticism, skill & potential.  Through their commitment to us, these players have a greater chance of securing a roster spot each year.
  • Each year there may be a team or 2 with limited roster availability – if this is the case we will NOT hold an open tryout because we do not think it’s fair to invite (and not easy for us to turn away) a large group for very few spots.


  • Our primary competitive season is June & July.  We expect ALL of our players to be available for ALL events (Practices, Team Camps, Tournaments) during this time.
  • As part of your commitment as a member of Reign LC, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should a player also expect to participate or play for another girls lacrosse club in any fashion.  This is a violation of the commitment to our program, your coaches and your teammates.  Should you be approached by another club program to help fill roster spots on an “off weekend” – we require players to request a waiver by Noelle to participate in advance.  (NOTE:  We are usually pretty reasonable with this but require full transparency).  Any player proceeding with such action, without proper notification would immediately forfeit their roster spot and all current program fees.  There are no exceptions


  • We WILL NOT refund those players that decide they no longer want to play or take a break from lacrosse.
  • We do not prorate for any mandatory events/dates that a player can’t make. This includes offseason training.
  • If you have paid your summer dues in full and incur an injury that will not allow you to participate for the summer, notify us by April 1. The only way a refund would be issued is due to injury and a doctor’s note is necessary to confirm.
  • If we find that a refund is due, we will refund all but your non-refundable registration deposit. The registration fee will not be refunded under any circumstances no matter when you registered.
  • 72 hour notice is required to receive a refund for an optional clinic registration. Less than 72 hours notice will result in a credit towards a future clinic in the same year. No refund or credit will be given 24hrs before the event has started.


  • Coaches and Directors will communicate through the Band App and Emails.  It is the responsibility of all of our members to keep up with the information and deadlines.
  • Tournament Information will be updated on the Tournaments page on our website



  • Arrive to your practice site 10-15 minutes early, and begin your stickwork
  • Bring stick/back-up, googles, mouthguard,  cleats/turfs/sneakers and water/gatorade
  • If you are running late, just come straight onto the field and jump into the drill without any disruptions

Inclement Weather

  • Band Notification
  • If practice has not started yet, players should wait in cars with parents/teammates
  • If practice has started, players will be brought to the designated safe location until a decision is made



  • Tournament Information will be updated on the Tournaments page on our website
  • Bring uniform, stick/back-up, goggles, mouthguard, ball, cleats/sneakers,  water/gatorade, and healthy snacks 
  • Always check the tournament schedule the night before & before you leave that morning, especially if it calls for unfavorable weather
  • Arrive on-site at least 1 hour and 15 minutes before first game of the day (Parking and getting to your designated field can be a challenge at most sites)
  • Meet at your designated field 1 hour early, ready to check-in with your coach & begin warm up
  • If you are running late for a tournament, just arrive as soon as possible. Email or text your coaches if you will be significantly delayed
  • Between games hydrate & eat – arrive back at field ~30 minutes before next game
  • Tents/tailgates – if your team chooses to organize a tailgate or tent area, all team members should be included and all team members are responsible for clean up.  Reign LC will always be respectful of our host facilities and will leave a site as we found it.

Behavior & Expectations

  • When you register for REIGN LC, you are entering into a commitment – not only with the club but with your teammates as well.  We expect all of our players to be in attendance and on time for all events.
  • We do not allow parents, family members or fans to stand on the same side of the field as the team – please stand/sit on the opposite sideline
  • Please be a sideline supporter/culture keeper, not a sideline coach. Allow the coaches to coach the teams – do not shout “shoot it” or “pass it” or any other coaching suggestions to ANY players on the field. 
  • Please positively support and cheer for ALL players on the field, not just your own daughter.  Members of REIGN LC sideline supporters will be positive If you are unable to cheer positively, please do not say anything at all. This also goes for the ref’s decisions. 
  • Reign LC families, fans and athletes will be positive role model and encourage sportsmanship by showing respect and courtesy, and by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches, officials and spectators regardless of race, creed, color, sex or ability.
  • Reign LC families, fans and athletes will respect both the coaches and officials and their authority during games and will never question, discuss, or confront coaches or officials at the game field.
  •  It is important that players, parents and coaches remember that an athletic contest is only a game not a matter of life and death.  Be modest in both victory and defeat.
  • Parents and players cannot talk to college coaches at the tournament – NCAA Rules (D1, D2 and D3). Please do not approach coaches under any circumstances or make coaches feel uncomfortable by standing close by when they are trying to take notes. 
  • Please make sure to keep separation between yourself and any designated “Coaches Areas”
  • College coaches are everywhere and are ALWAYS listening to parent conversations… coaches do judge players, teams, AND CLUBS based on parents’ actions on the sideline – please represent REIGN LC positively by encouraging all players on the field and by respecting the ref’s decisions/calls.


  • For questions or concerns regarding playing time, contact Noelle directly. 
  • Conversations regarding feedback/development should occur in a scheduled meeting during the week before or after a scheduled practice.
  • If unhappy with any aspect of my child’s youth sports experience, I will approach the coach privately and in a respectful manner 24-48 hours after the conclusion of an event.  Failure to adhere to this protocol will be met with consequences.
  • MS & HS Tournament playing time is based on but not limited to the following, outside of commitment:  1.  Player Attitude  2.  Athleticism and Positive Impact  3.  Lacrosse IQ and execution of skills  4.  Work ethic & Consistency  5.  Coachability/Focus/Executing Direction  
  • Any players who are hit in the head in a game must see the athletic trainer to be cleared before re-entering the game. Any players who go down during the game and are slow to get up or cannot get up unless play is stopped must be cleared by the on-site athletic trainer  before re-entering the game or any subsequent games.

Fees & Expenses

  • Tournament fees vary by grad year and team. All tournament fees must be paid in full before tournament participation. We do NOT prorate for any unattended tournaments.
  • Travel Expenses and hotel accomodations are separate from club membership fees and are the players and parents’ responsibility.
  • If a tournament requires hotel reservations through a specific travel agency, parents must comply with their policy. If the entire team does not reserve through their links the team would be removed from the tournament. (i.e. All IWLCA tournaments require this). Information regarding tournament hotels and travel can be found directly on our website under the Tournaments tab and on the tournament website.


  • ALL REIGN LC players are required to be members of US LACROSSE to supplement personal insurance policies. ALL TOURNAMENTS REQUIRE THAT ATHLETES HAVE THIS COVERAGE.
  • You must renew your membership annually. We will check memberships monthly.
  • To become a US Lacrosse Member or check your membership status, please visit: https://www.usalacrosse.com/membership


What Teams do you offer?

REIGN SUPREME – *NEW*   HS Senior Training Program

REIGN ELITE – HS, MS and Youth year-round competitive teams.  These teams compete at a high level and  travel pretty extensively depending on age level.

REIGN DEVELOPMENTAL PROGRAM –  *NEW*   A consistent and intentional year long program for our 3rd graders who LOVE lacrosse and want an introduction into the Elite program.

“RISE” to REIGN – These are seasonal teams with Ala Carte programming (Fall and/or Summer) – often comprised of combo teams reflective of PAGLA age groupings.  These athletes love lacrosse, however for one reason or another can not make the full year-long commitment but want the opportunity to play outside of the spring season.  They will train through 4 weekly mini-camps and compete in 1 local tournament each season (Fall and Summer).

Do I have to tryout for Reign LC?

YES – Reign Supreme and Reign Elite require an annual tryout.  Reign LC also reserves the right to accept Supreme and Elite players throughout the year through private evaluations.

NO – The Reign Developmental and Rise programs do not require a tryout – They are based on a first-come first served basis.

If I get cut, can I tryout again next season?

ABSOLUTELY!  We highly encourage all of our players to keep working on their skills and never give up.  Players who don’t make the REIGN ELITE teams are sometimes offered a spot on the RISE team to ensure an opportunity to continue honing your skill set with quality training.

Do you carry practice players/alternates/training players?

Typically No, however there have been special circumstances that have been considered and/or granted/offered.

Can I get kicked off of a Team?

Yes, if you do not attend the committed tournaments, events and practices respectively you risk losing your roster spot and rendering yourself ineligible to compete with the team and for any future consideration with REIGN LC.

Can I get kicked out of Reign Lacrosse Club?

Yes, like mentioned previously – ATTENDANCE and ATTITUDE are major factors in your success with our club.  ATTENDANCE:  If you don’t attend most/all practice during one season, we will assume that you won’t during the next season and will be removed from the team..   ATTITUDE: If your behavior, or a member of your family’s behavior is unbecoming of our standards laid out here – we will issue ONE warning.  If the behavior persists, the player will be removed from the club indefinitely.  If a player/parent is removed from the club, no refund will be issued.